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Useful Tips for Caring for Seniors with Alzheimer’s At Home

Alzheimer's usually happens to the seniors due to the gradual decline of cognitive ability, resulting in a continuous decline in living ability, gradually becoming unable to take care of themselves until they need round-the-clock care. Caregivers therefore need to know and understand how to deal with critical situations. Here are some tips for caregivers to know how to care for someone with Alzheimer.

Lack of learning ability and self-control

people with Alzheimer has low ability in learning and self-control and therefore they generally need to bring their perspective into thinking. Never expect them to learn to adapt and reduce conflicts with their caregivers.

Simplify Routine Life

It is recommended to simplify the instructions as much as possible because basically they can't understand complex meanings and need simple responses only. For example, if you ask them emotional questions like: Where would you like to go for a walk today? This problem will be difficult for them to deal with. It is recommended to change the question to Let’s go for a walk in the park today, okay? This is relatively simple, they just need to answer yes or no.

Make the most of familiar routines, old habits, and techniques

In order for the elderly to live a more comfortable life, it is important to use the same language and dining habits which is helpful for their emotions. It is easier and more comfortable to plan the lives of elders in terms of their habits than to command them to obey others.

From the perspective of interior design, the space can be designed into an environment with cognitive impairment based on the growth background of the elderly, which can help their emotional stability. Patterns or text on the surface of the cabinet and see-through doors can make it easier for the elderly to find what they need, so that they can feel more secure.

See-through doors can make it easier for the elderly to find what they need.

Simple and familiar decorations can help the elderly with Alzheimer.



Home Safety Consulting 

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