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How to take care of stroke survivors who have been discharged from hospital?

Stroke can cause serious physical and psychological effects on the patient. Caring for a stroke patient is a daunting task. Family members should understand the condition of the patient and the various challenges they may face, and ensure that they receive appropriate home care, medication, medical care and psychological support. Families need to know how to effectively care for patient to keep them safe and healthy.

Here are some tips for caring for stroke survivors who are recovering at home:

1. Physical activity: Rehabilitation patients should follow the doctor's instructions and do some appropriate exercise every day to promote blood circulation in the limbs, gradually improve mobility, and avoid muscle atrophy which is good for recovery.

2. Diet and rest: Choose more high-nutrient and low-fat foods and arrange patient's rest time every day to maintain the health of patients and also reduce the risk of recurrence after stroke. In terms of nutrition, high fiber food like wheat husks, fruits, beans provide lower cholesterol levels. Foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol or Foods that are too salty or too sweet should be avoided. In addition, drinking water can help maintaining smooth bowel movements.

3. Medication: Take the medicine on time according to the doctor's instructions. You can find smart pill boxes and medicine cutters from medicine which are convenient for patients and their families to arrange for taking medicine.

4. Home safety: Providing a safe environment for the recovering patient and providing necessary equipment to prevent the recovering person from being re-injured at home will help the recovery process. For example, if the recovering person needs a wheelchair, family members need to consider whether the wheelchair can pass through the current corridors, aisles, doors, bathrooms and toilets smoothly, so as to reduce the chance of home accidents. Home security system such as sensors, smart cameras can help to sense accident immediately. Regarding the design of home care for the rehabilitated, a professional designer specialize in home optimization will help you save time and money.

5. Mental health: Stroke affects physical function, which is a heavy blow to the patient. Family members should assist the recovering patients to stay in a positive attitude, Caregivers should encourage patients to participate in social activities, schedule company time to listen to their needs, give them warm care, and support them in treatment to help them cope with the stress of treatment.



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