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About Us

Overcome Invisible Barriers

Let's create a safe and harmonious space for people with reduced mobility and their caregivers.

Living in a crowded and busy city like Hong Kong, we are always hectic and pressured. However, there are even heavier hardships for the caregivers of the elderly, chronically ill or disabled.

Life is impermanent. It will bring a heavy blow to a family if one of the members in a family is facing reduced  mobility or even long-term bedridden caused by diseases or accidents. Proper and quick responses are required because a person's physical obstacles will change the daily life between family members and soon will become a deeper psychological obstacle harming the relationship of a family. 


In fact, we can remove all kinds of barriers by our creativity and love. 

Our team is confident at optimizing home environment of the elderly by consolidating space design, professional nursing advice and the application of assistive devices.

The design concept of our team is family-oriented. We serve the elderly and caregivers with love and patience, helping them to overcome invisible barriers.

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Our Purpose


Elders enjoy hassle-free retirement

Seniors have worked hard all their lives and it is time to enjoy aging at home. Giving the elderly a safer and more comfortable environment is an important part of worry-free retirement. ​ We are experienced at optimizing the living space suitable for the elderly, allowing the elderly to take care of themselves easily, thereby reducing the burden on the elderly and their caregivers.

Create a safe living environment for people with reduced mobility

​If a member of the family is inconvenient to move due to an accident, if it is not handled properly, it will also cause harm to the family relationship. ​


We have extensive experience in designing rehabilitation environments, so that people with mobility impairments can rehabilitate in safe environment, while taking care of the needs of their caregivers into consideration, so that they can overcome the difficulties in a harmonious environment.

Raising awareness of the benefits of aging at home

​If there are members of the family who are inconvenient to move, and there is no suitable environmental equipment at home, they will not be able to age at home and recover at home, so they can only find a home. ​


However, the supply of local institutions is currently in short supply and the cost is high, which is a huge burden for caregivers. Choosing to age or rehab at home is safer and more comfortable for people with reduced mobility. In addition, the cost of optimizing the environment is much lower than the long-term cost of the institution.

Reduce the burden on caregivers.

We are fully aware of the plight of carers. They have to cope with heavy work and take care of their families. Once family members are unfortunately unable to move, family life will be seriously affected, both financially and in life. great challenge.


Our team provides a full range of counselling solutions, so that carers do not have to travel around for family arrangements after discharge. Appropriate solutions can effectively reduce the burden on caregivers and no longer hesitate.

為何選擇我們 WHY EHLD
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We are professional and reliable

We have a deep understanding of the elders’ living environment and needs in Hong Kong. To achieve the goal of “family oriented”, we are committed to providing appropriate home design in optimizing the living space by combining professional rehabilitation advice, space design and assistive device application.

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Elderly Home Designs
Creative Director
Jones Wong

Senior Home Safe Specialist

@ Age safe America

With more than 15 years experience, Jones has built a sound reputation in various types of residential design and home design projects for the elderly with disabilities. He was the chief designer of the award-winning Hong Kong interior design company "Spatial Concept". He then contributes for the Hong Kong headquarters of HOK (Asia Pacific) International, the world's largest architectural design company. Jones has proved his creativity as he has won many design awards in Europe, the United States, China and Hong Kong.

Operation Director
Mark Ho

Founding Director of Hong Kong Federation of Senior Citizen Industries

As the founder of and EHDL, Mark intensively engages in daily operation and management of both companies.

Over the years, Mark has been determined to promote the concept of "aging at home" and create a comfortable and harmonious environment for the elderly and their caregivers. so that the elderly can enjoy their old age with dignity.



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