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We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of Ageing In Place for different families and organizations.

Our professional design consultation service provides you the most suitable recommendations for your home renovation. 

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Main Scope of Our Services

Senior Home Safety Consulting Services

Basic home safety consulting

Safety Consultinng

Design Consulting Services

Design and home safety consulting services

Safety Consultinng



Design and Construction One-Stop Services

Safety and design consultations with construction and interface with other professional services.

Safety Consultinng





Services Details

Safety Consulting

Our Safety Consultancy that provides clients with professional advice* to understand their day-to-day basic care needs.

​​Service Process


We will provide an assessment for Home Improvement Services that client returns toghether with a floor plan, sky height, and photos of the unit. All information provided will be used in professional evaluation.


We will conduct a detailed evaluation based on the information provided by the client. 

Risk Assessment 


  • Analyzing the unit interval based on the safety risk assessment for the elderly

  • Home environment review such as furniture, the impact of sundries on safety risks

  • Lighting configuration and visibility

  • Sufficiency of rescue or auxiliary facilities 

Home Safety Recommendations

  • Suggestions on furniture layout to improve safety risks (reduce hidden dangers in the home)

  • Suggestions on smart home safety systems (convenient for care and assistance)

  • Suggestions on the location and style of assistive devices (convenient for the elderly to take care of themselves)

  • Suggestions on lighting arrangement (to improve safety and reduce the risk of falling)

  • Suggestions for signs or storage (convenient for self-care)

Floorplan Suggestions

  • Suggest the most ideal layout so that the elderly and caregivers can share a safe and convenient living environment

  • Preparation for long term needs based on the physical condition changes

 *(Design Services not included)

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Our Projects

Elder Home Designs Team has many years of experience in designing homes for the elderly, and applies them to different cases to reduce the inconvenience of life for users.


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