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What goals need to be set before home optimization?

Nowadays, the most common building and interior designs in Hong Kong are generally designed and built for young and active nuclear families, that the plan rarely take into account the living facilities of the disabled or the elderly. Therefore, the general ready-made home design seldom incorporates elderly-friendly elements. As the structure of our society has changed significantly in recent decades, the population is aging rapidly while the corresponding facilities are still in short supply. Multiple studies show that most seniors intend to stay in their home as long as possible after retirement. It's a pity that most of the home environment does not meet the needs of their constantly changing abilities and status. This situation makes it difficult for the elderly to retire in peace at home, and even leads to frequent occurrence of home accidents.

Fortunately, we still have designers certified by senior home safety consultants who can create an age-friendly home that increases safety and promotes long-term autonomy for seniors.

Just like ordinary families need to set goals for the whole project before deciding to renovate their home, such as improving the current situation and solving facility problems, etc., the factors to be considered when choosing home improvement for the elderly are mainly the following 5 items:

  1. Independence - For example, it will be more convenient for the elderly to get in and out than at present, so that the elderly can take care of their daily activities on their own.

  2. Flexibility - A compromised design to meet multiple needs of the elderly and family members to live together, and enhance family harmony.

  3. Safety - Reduces barriers in the home and reduces the risk of accidents.

  4. Protective - Increase vigilance, detect existing risks, and protect the elderly in time.

  5. Comfort/Convenience - Allowing seniors and caregivers to share the comforts of home.

Since it is still very difficult to completely prevent home accidents, and reducing the risk of home accidents means reducing injuries, the main goal of home optimization is not to completely eliminate accidents; instead, the focus should be on maintaining or even improving the existing abilities of the elderly, such as predicting the future Changes in the physical condition of the elderly. In addition, family members and elders themselves must understand and accept the urgency of optimizing their home for themselves and other family members, and should participate as much as possible.

The biggest advantage of aging at home is that the elderly can stay in the familiar home environment. Even moving to a senior living facility is no substitute for belonging. That is to say, the combination of familiar furniture, colors and environment, carrying the memories of many years, adding meaning and fun to the daily life of the elderly.

Even if a family member is getting old, it needs to be remembered that this is their home, and everyone in the family needs to plan together. At the same time extend their self-care ability, and also need to have a design that suits their taste and style. Today, we have various types of assistive devices and nursing care devices which are easily integrated into the home environment without designing like a nursing home or hospital that lacked the warmth of home.



Home Safety Consulting 

Elderly Home Designs team provides home safety consulting services. Simply fill in the following information and submit ​to us if you have interested in our services. You will receive an email with safety assessment form.


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